Friday, January 30, 2009

Art? Or boredom?

Feel free to fast forward through most of it.


s1m0n said...

wow. this guy really gets a big head over his art.

976chip said...

If I attempted to debate the artistic merit of this piece with the artist I imagine I would be bombarded with a condescending diatribe of how profound the piece was regarding personal identity or some such jargon, I'm sure I would have zoned out by then. After his 5 minute or so prepared speech defending his artistic integrety came to a close I would have to put forth the arguement that art created with the intention of being profound or avant garde isn't art, its pretentious self pandering. Then I would inform him his shit is all fuxked up and he talks like a fag.

My final verdict, boredom

skinjob said...

i practice artistic offense in the sphere of disambiguation. hope being the first indicator of failure, artistic defence is the first sign of being caught wrist-deep in the girlscout of obscurity.

answer: the kind of boredom you chase others with hoping for an unprompted gank by a better team member.