Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From the poster Dr. Omega from message board:

This arose during a lengthy argument over the Grant-meister and his shit-opus Final Crisis.

"Yes, yes, I know. I have been told this here before. Apparently, I am one of the lowlifes who is just not getting Morrison's artistic vision and interpretation of the discomfort of the human soul as expressed with metaphors about comic readers, creators and editors through the use of incomprehensible storytelling that teleports characters to Mars off camera from one book to the other without explanation or randomly throws Solomon Grundy's original form into a narrative for no rhyme or reason. Or what about the deep and inspired way he turned Darkseid into a gangsta' in a story that may or may not have taken place all in a character's mind. Except he died. But then apparently was coming back to life at the end.

Maybe Superman can sing a miracle song and make me understand it better."

and for the kids at home not following along, yes, superman does sing a miracle song to defeat Darkseid. A miracle song.


Brendan MD said...

A miracle song?

s1m0n said...

yep, the Big Blue sings a song to kill the Big Evil. srsly