Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I still have some faith in gamemakers

Ok so vulgar words won't take... -1 pt. Longcat is in there +9000 pts.


hypr said...

This link shows a fight between a skateboard riding, shotgun weilding God and Cthulu... seriously.

Brendan MD said...

When a game developer says you can do "literally anything" I lose any interest in the game. It's overstatement for the point of creating hype, and the product released will never be able to do 'literally anything.'

Can I type Pikachu? No. Can I type anthropomorphic synecdoche? No. Can I type "Nathan Fillion?" I doubt it. Therefore it is not literally anything.

s1m0n said...

and you know everyone's just going to draw dicks anyways. flaming, pikachu dicks.