Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ok, this may be going too far

I do like the pirate dancing in the background during one scene near the middle of the video. And i do like the idea of my band being able to play a show on a Lego pirate ship.


Brendan MD said...

Considering the "Lego Rock Band" line up is going to consist of "Kidz Beatz" albums 1-10, I don't think I'll go anywhere near it.

And while I'm hating on Rock Band, fuck Rock Band: Beatles. Unless they announce A) A way to transfer the Beatles Song to my hard-drive or B) Make the songs available for DLC; I'm not going near it. I don't want to sit down and play every Beatles Album ever, then have to change out the disc to play a non-Beatles song. I want it integrated into my playing experience.

s1m0n said...

i can agree with the statement about integrating the Beatles songs into the proper RB lineup. It does seem like kind of a jip, and i really only like a few of the Beatles' songs anyways.
But i know i' still buying this fucker in September.