Friday, August 14, 2009

I should'a know she'd be trouble the second she waltzed through the door.

What you're looking at is a mint, MINT, condition copy of Wonder Woman #4. not number 4 of the latest volume. No, it's the original 1942 number 4. no creases. no rusted staples. no silver fish damage. and no torn pages. this, as they say in the comic stores, is a cherry copy. and it costs about $1200. that's right. this comic is worth about a semester at most colleges in the country. the shittier ones, but still.
Dave bought it off a guy, a guy who just walked in, book in hand, and immediately shuffled it off to one of our regulars.
Oh, he also bought a copy of Action Comics number 20 something. cost: $1750.

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