Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 of 5 kids who kill play Pokemon.

Also I am extremely disappointed I had to create the "bears" and "pokemon" tags today. Shame on you.


Brendan MD said...

Best line: "Russian Roulette is just a game!"

s1m0n said...

The swiftness with which this guy shuffles summarization of Pokemon to mind control, satanism, black magic, and racist fear mongering is stunning. He gets there in three moves. Reminds me of how quickly my father in law can turn a discussion about how to fix my wife's car into a skreed against NAFTA.

"Hey, Charlie. You know why Ash's back brake lights aren't shutting off when she lets up on the brakes?"
"Oh, yeah, Alan. It's probably a hydraulic shutoff switch or something that snapped. You know what else snapped? NAFTA!"
"Um, what, Charlie?"
"Fucking NAFTA! I have files on it!"

Fuck my life.