Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When great writing, insanity, and Christianity hook-up at a singles mixer, do a lot of blow, and decide to keep the baby out of shame and guilt, you get

Example, the article, "The Golden Girls: How One TV Show Turned A Generation Of American Boys Into Homosexuals."
Best part so far, "It was only to be expected that our lonely boys exposed to these conflicted times would succumb to the nagging Golden Girls agenda. These were slender, unathletic children who were left out of the fun militarism of the Reagan years. Skyrocketing divorce rates ruined their faith in traditional relationships. Rock groups like Duran Duran and Styx encouraged big hair and overactive libidos. The show lit a match which enflamed their intense physical urges. With the utmost cruelty and immorality, The Golden Girls seized upon this opportunity to cross the hormonal wires of America’s lost generation."

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