Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yet another Big Lebowski post. I'm trying to set a record.

    So, I've haven't been sold on these porn parody movies, like Scrubs XXX or This is not Star Trek: A XXX Parody, but I'm a big fan now.
    I like the idea of appropriating someone else's work as a porno, especially something like Seinfeld or Jersey Shore: the Porno, which isn't much different from its originator. There's something profane and yet brilliant at lowering what some might call art by dragging it into the mud and making its story a frame for hardcore porn scenes. Mostly, it seems like a way for mainstream, or anyone who isn't making gonzo amateur shit like Gaping Anuses 9 or Throat Yogurt 2, porn companies to reuse the old story driven formula in a new way. Until today, porn parody movies seemed like a cheap trick with a tired whore.
But then someone made The Big Lebowski: a XXX Parody.

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