Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis

By Bill Moyers and the staff of PBS. It was released a week before Congress released a report about our involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal, which was also addressed in Alan Moore in his comic, drawn by Bill Sienkeiwicz and others, called Brought to Light. Check out both. I have the comic on my dropbox if anyone wants to read it.
Both are very dated, both in information and the depth of commentary each offers, but given the closeness chronologically each was to the events covered, it's unbelievable. Both, however, are authoritative, probing and riveting. And if Bill Moyers, a man who's won so many awards for journalism over the years he could build a theme park with them, is telling you about the secret government running the country, can it be anything else but true? At least, more than what that fucktard Alex Jones has to say.

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