Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spambot revealed!

So, I recognized that your Spambot was posting in Chinese kanji (as opposed to Thai or Korean). So i took the opportunity to find out exactly what he/she/it was saying, with the site provided in the link here:

After revealing the results to Alan, he instructed me to post it.

SPOILER: if you were hoping for Enlightenment or a secret of the Universe to be unlocked, you should probably stop reading now. is the post from Spambot taken from Brenden's post for "There will be Brawl" from a few days ago. I selected Simple Chinese for the translator.

侯郁順 said...

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First of all, our Bot's name is: Hou Yushun, and boy oh boy...does he know a lot about PORN!

The rest:

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So, you have the translator. Have fun with the rest of Hou's posts.

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976chip said...

He may know a lot about porn, but he seems to be our most faithful reader.