Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spambot, this one's for you.


It premiers in October of this year....I have the strangest boner, now. No, wait, now.

I should append to this that I don't particularly like this comic. I was critical of it for the first 5 years it was out, and railed against it during its first year. But recently I caved. I still contend, however, that writer Robert Kirkman has come a long way in developing his storytelling skills, but he still has even further to go. If one were to look at this AMC adaptation in terms of an '80s movie, Darabont is the popular socialite who will transform Kirkman's frump girl into the hot freak at the party. But continuing with this metaphor, that also means Darabont will ultimately betray Kirkman, and Kirkman will get his revenge at the school dance, on the K-1 ski slopes, at the beach volleyball tournament, or at the karate competition. 

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