Friday, February 13, 2009


a new show on Adult Swim about a guy and his family who are all a part of a New York based reality show. Early thoughts...this could be good, but like most of the shows on AS, it seems like it will have a limited comedic scope, like the jokes will run out too soon. But the pilot is funny.


Brendan MD said...

So blogging has frequently been compared to a piss poor form of journalism.

I think linking us to a video on the adult swim website makes you a piss poor blogger, Alan. AS is the geek standard of entertainment, and I'm pretty sure we all occasionally check it out anyway.

Up next: I post a diatribe about how comic books aren't just for kids anymore, and video games can contain a narrative structure!

s1m0n said...

well brendan, while i agree with your claim that AS is a standard, i disagree that posting the link is weak blogging, as my reason was not teach someone something new but to share what i was recently amused by. Yes, blogging can be piss poor journalism, but the often overlooked quality of blogging is its community aspect, its use as a forum for discussing something of interest, something that everyone may already be aware of. also, as someone who lives without cable, i know almost nothing about the new shows on AS and one reason for sharing the link was to discuss my thoughts on what was new to me with my friends. I did add commentary with my link, but that was to merely encourage the discussion, not to report a new finding. but if you don't like that, we can always settle this in Thunderdome.

Brendan MD said...

Thunderdome it is!

And I don't think the show has any staying power. Its mildly amusing, but not as good as the other new AS shows.