Friday, February 6, 2009

S. Darko Trailer


s1m0n said...

the makers of this film (and calling it a film debases the accomplishments of all great films)need to be beaten with a stack of Pearl Harbor DVDs and unused Southland Tales box office tickets. This character, if i remember what passed for a story the first time around, had little to nothing to do with the story. AND THE FUCKING RABBIT! correct me if i'm wrong, but the rabbit was an echo, cast back in time, of a pivotal moment in Donnie's life. it was the remainder, a monument of that tragedy. WHY THE HELL IS IT IN HIS SISTER'S STORY!
this movie is why america is in the middle of a meth epidemic, and i hold it responsible for the current worldwide economic collapse. and rape. it is responsible for donkey-punching rape, retroactively.

976chip said...

Is it me or was 95% of that trailer footage from the original?