Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alan and Ashley Shaw

Bringin' the Christmas Cheer the Western district way.


hypr said...

I don't want to ever have a realistic frame of reference for this photo. I just want to believe that you two are a super-villain duo assaulting some little old lady's house. BTW your color matching is damn near perfect! (must be shopped).

976chip said...

I'm tempted to make this the background on my desktop

s1m0n said...

I was supposed to be us as a dime novel detective duo, but there's not enough sepia in the world to make us look hard boiled.

and chip, you should, you really should. people will ask why, why that picture of us is your wallpaper, and you can just shrug and say, "they died soon after, but that door had it coming."