Thursday, December 3, 2009

This needs to be done nationwide

Skylar Stone is a "con man"/psuedo-celebrity that has been floating around for a few years. I was first introduced to him through the very short lived Comedy Central show, Con. In it he claimed to be a con man that would show people the ropes of the trade. Unfortunately, most of his "cons" weren't feasible since they relied on having a camera crew and budget that came with being on a television show. After six episodes he faded into obscurity only to pop up on occasion and be annoying. Despite not really liking the guy I will give him credit and a bit of respect and request he take this show on the road.

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s1m0n said...

sometimes at work i tell my more challenged students, those who can't write and never read, that if they want to do better in class, if they want to succeed in college, that they have to read. they have to, and sometimes i tell them that reading anything, even twilight, is preferable to reading nothing.

but i'm wrong. i'm really, really wrong. huffing paint while preforming a self-trepanation is preferable to reading twilight. telling them to read that book is either creating a mob of drop outs or an army if idiots, and i don't know which is worse.

fuck you, twilight.