Monday, December 21, 2009

Here's a 70 minute critique of Episode 1.

It's brilliant, and it mercilessly savages the shittiest of the Star Wars episodes, and the narrator likens his disappointment in the film to his disappointment with his son, providing as example his son's mug shot, and then he goes on to say that, unlike his son hanging himself in a grimy public restroom, the pain of the new Star Wars movies will endure forever.
The best moment of Part 1 of the critique is, however, when the narrator asks 4 people to describe several old and new SW characters without saying what they look like, what costume they wore,or what their profession or role in the movie was.
Two things about this question: one, it is impossible to answer with anyone from the new Trilogy, and, two, if you ever think you want to be a writer, being able to answer this question about one of your characters is vital to having a good character.

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