Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I know you guys don't understand my love for all things Nazi. It's okay. We're still friends.

But this guy is making a movie based on a Nazi Tank Crew fighting some sort of monster. And he gets it.

"Since the plot will follow the 5-man German crew how will you portray Nazis as a sympathetic protagonist? Are you even attempting to make them sympathetic characters?

At no point do we ever want to portray Nazis as sympathetic characters. National Socialism in Hitler's Germany was an efficient and designed government, that rallied together a crushed nation. One of its drives was based on a despicable and evil program of genocide. That's unconscionable. And in this story, it comes back around to bite the Reich firmly where it hurts."

Well, technically the program of genocide wasn't a drive of National Socialism so much as a byproduct of the ideological foundation of their ethos. But I digress.

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