Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Softwear by Microsoft

Common, the dude who wrote I used to Love Her, has lost his mind, never had one, or been subjected to the MicroSoft-nanites attack from the Stepford Wives remake. That can be the only explanation for why he has bought into this crude and johnny-come-lately marketing ploy to make MS look cool again. The worst part about this is that he allowed MS to use his song, his fucking masterpiece actually, "I Used to Love Her," a song about how hip hop had strayed from its roots and how, after anthropomorphizing it into a woman, it is a woman he no longer loves or even recognizes. That, sadly, may be the biggest shock and tragedy this campaign exposes: that all hip hop greats will inevitably succumb to materialism. KRS-One, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def (sorta), each has cashed in his cultural credit for material gain. And i think it's time to club you all over the head with my soap box here, so i'll ask, is this the case? Is hip hop an inherently materialistic art form, or redefined, is it souly (intentional) profit driven? Or is this the reality of professional musicians, that they have to make money and one way to do that is to sell themselves (which they already are)?
Whatever, i'm going to go salve my sorrows with some boobs and death metal. Fuck you.

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