Monday, February 8, 2010


Anyone tried this site out yet? I found this Atlantic article about it, and though it in no way compels me to try what seems like an ego destroying trap of 4chan proportions, I still like the idea of a site that randomly selects a chat partner for you, and you can't apply any filters to the random selection.
After reading the article, though, I was left with the image of this service being like a shitty high school RPG and each Chatroulette interaction is the equivalent of your hero person talking with a random student, but most of them are dudes and one in ten is an erect cock.

Oh, yeah, and happy TWO THOUSAND posts and comments. I don't know how we made it this far without one Goatse or shitting dick nipple.


Brendan MD said...

He makes it worthwhile. Otherwise it's a piece of fuckwitted garbage.

s1m0n said...

so the guy dresses up as Cobra Commander and chats with random people....that's fucking awesome. That's the wild internet future William Gibson promised us! now all we need is black ice.